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Project Resources

  • CTE Mission: CubeSAT
    The national challenge to build technical skills for careers in space and beyond
  • NASA
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administrations website
  • CubeSAT
    The CubeSat standard facilitates frequent and affordable access to space with launch opportunities available on most launch vehicles.

Project Description

Our team has come together to participate in the CTE Mission: CubeSAT for a chance to grow our skill sets and experience with future space careers and for a chance to win $5,000 for our FIRST Robotics Competition
Our team’s mission is to develop, design, fabricate, and launch a 10cm^3 CubeSAT into orbit in order to track and report the locations of space debris orbiting Earth. Our CubeSAT, named the TrashSAT, will be launched into orbit using a rocket designed and fabricated by us, or quite possibly, NASA.
The TrashSAT will orbit Earth near the ISS in order to give them a larger detection range of space debris that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of both the ISS itself, and the astronauts on board.
If NASA allows us to hitch a ride to the ISS, we will communicate with the station itself and then to our ground station in order to allow the ISS to process the data firsthand.
We have a wide variety of skill sets and knowledge that is incredibly beneficial to any functioning team, and we have our total cost down to a reasonable amount of $218.93

Showcase Video

Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

Lainey – I learned to send professional emails to different organizations and companies explaining our team’s mission and what we want from those companies and places. I also learned what it means to be a part of a team, filling my assigned role in the group. The last thing I learned was the different challenges in space that are present when you are launching an object into orbit.

Ayden – I learned that there are a lot of things that have to be done to have electronics work in space. While orbiting in Earth’s orbit, satellites have to be able to handle anywhere from 200 degrees celsius to -200 degrees celsius. Being that space can be super hot to super cold, it is also difficult to handle the heat generated by the electronics inside the satellites.

Trevor – The working in this CubeSat team is first how easy/hard it could be with working with people you barely see as much. Secondly how challenging it was to figure out how to make the Sat work in space. Lastly the most challenging was to finish this in the time needed. By the time it started it was before school so i didnt really hear about it and by the time it was due it was a challenge to do.

Austin – The first thing that I have learned from this project is leadership skills that will help me as I go enter college and my future career. I have also gained a new understanding of satellites and how they are fabricated and put into space. The final thing I have learned is team management skills and organization.

Wade – So far I have gained some knowledge as to what sensors can work in space. It was also interesting to learn about what devices have to endure while getting to space and while they are in space. I also learned about effective communication in a team and the management done by each member that goes into performing well as a team.

Vincent – The top three things I learned more about my fellow classmates and my teammates which will benefit both myself and my program in the future. The next one is how to design parts and models in Solidworks, which is a CAD program. Finally, I learned the first steps/small introduction to the manufacturing process. This will also benefit both me and my team within the program.

Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

Austin – This project relates to both my interests and my peers. I have always been interested in space and anything that has to do with NASA, so when I saw this project I knew it would be a great way to get myself involved in my interests. It also relates to my peers interests as well since each student in our Mechatronics lab is interested in engineering and design.

Lainey – The CubeSAT challenge relates to me and my interests because I am very interested in a career in space. It was very eye opening learning about all of the ins and outs involved in designing something that could potentially go to space. It also relates to our community. We involved other programs here at Butler Tech to give them the chances to gain experience and knowledge.

Ayden – I have always been interested in aerospace and space travel. Though mechatronics doesn’t really teach about space, the skills I’ve learned have helped me in designing the TrashSAT. My favorite challenge was actually designing the TrashSAT as well. This is mainly because I love fixing problems or designing solutions to complex problems.

Vincent – This project relates to what I am learning in my mechatronics lab currently and is great practice and introduction for me when it comes to designing, building/manufacturing, programming, etc. As well as build close relationships with my teammates and teach me how to work as a team and not just by yourself. This relates to my family because I have many family members who are engineers and I want to follow in their footsteps.

Trevor -The way this project connects my background is that I’ve always liked building and working on things to do a task and when I heard what we had to do I wanted to get involved. And one way it connects to my family is that I also have family members that are engineers.

Wade – I enjoy figuring out how to make things work and this project is full of opportunities to figure out how to get things to work. I’ve always enjoyed putting things together and I believe the construction of the TrashSAT will be fun. This project has also given me the opportunity to connect with more people from my class.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

Ayden – The one thing that I would have done differently is actually look into better ways of handling heat inside an enclosed space. The solution that I came up with should work very well, but nothing is perfect and I’m sure that there could be problems with heating and cooling.

Trevor – One thing that i would change about this project was maybe looking for this at the beginning of school like it was very hard to get everything done in the time window and we got it done but i have to admit it was very stressful.

Lainey – I would have liked to have thought more outside the or box. I started off very close minded and I think I would’ve been more helpful if I would have opened up to seemingly possible ideas.

Austin – Looking back one thing I would have done differently is our time management. We were working only at school and the deadline came so soon that we were nowhere near finished and we had to spend an average of 3 hours each day after school to get it done in time. If I could I would start working outside of school from the very beginning as not to feel so rushed towards the end.

Vincent – The thing that I would have done differently is to look deeper into what a CubeSAT is and the rules and regulations for this “competition”. Our team ran into a big roadblock when we were fairly far into our process and it required serious collaboration in order to fix the problem. We could have avoided it if we did some more deeper research into this project.

Wade – I would’ve tried to communicate more with my team outside of school earlier in the project. We didn’t communicate a lot outside of school when we started and we could have worked a lot faster if we did. The lack of communication slowed our progress and we could have spent more time refining our design if we communicated more.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

Lainey – I am proud of how as a group we worked well, everyone had a job and filled their role. It made it feel like a real working organization and gave us a feel for what an actual job in the field would look like.

Austin – I am proud of both the team coming together and getting this done and of myself for stepping up and taking the lead of the group. I am very impressed by the skill our team has shown and the effort and devotion that we have put in during these uncertain times.

Ayden – I am actually really proud of the team that has come together despite that we have only seen each other a handful of times this year. Though it was still difficult, I believe that we did a really good job and that we can win the first round of the CubeSAT competition.

Trevor – One thing that i am the most proud of in this showcase was that how our team did this CubeSAT in the time given,working with people you never worked with or really knew and we did really well and i am very proud of the team for that

Wade – I’m very proud that our team managed to pull together despite the setbacks during the first phase of this project. The team managed to problem solve well under the pressure of the deadline for submitting our proposal.

Vincent – I am incredibly proud in both myself and my team that we were able to come together from just knowing each other’s names to becoming a fully functional team and performing pretty well. This was a test of our skills and we were able to overcome this challenge.

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