Project Description

Project Requirements:
-Student is to create a completely original edited video between 2-3 minutes long (visual poem, motivational video, highlight reel, etc).
-Student can use pre-existing footage (audio & video) but must be mixed and edited with other copyright free stock footage to create new video (fair use).
-Student will get acclimated to using video editing software and learning the tools, filters, elements, effects, and titles.

*These are a few of the excerpts from exceptional video editing projects*

Showcase Videos

Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

I learned that by giving students a broader choice on project choices, they will seem to be more engaged by pursuing their interests to infuse in their projects. I learned that some students created visually engaging and thought provoking videos that helped me learn more about who they are as a person. I learned from a couple mistakes early on with this project and how to tweak this brand new lesson for next year to achieve even better results.

Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

I was hoping to use this project to allow my students the ability to create a video that reflects who they are and what they feel. Sometimes learning about other perspectives means we have to see other perspectives.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

I would have had them do more peer-reviews during the process. Sometimes running the video timeline by other people will allow other people’s perspectives to foster a more collaborative environment.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

The range of variety that was shown by all my students!

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