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I presented my showcase on why I chose to go into the Criminal Justice program.

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Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

Growing up through elementary school you’re always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Every kid varies different answers whether it’s a teacher, doctor, singer, firefighter, etc. It was never consistent either because you grow up, you learn bout different jobs and change your career. Going into middle school I was always inconsistent with talking about careers and I was struggling at home. When I needed the most help, law enforcement showed up which changed my perspective entirely. People always have something to say, especially about the police but nobody else decided to help but them. My career goals have changed since then but also my character, they were my inspiration to want to help people. In the end, it’s led me to my journey here at Butler Tech in the Criminal Justice Program.

Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

Many of my family members haven’t always chosen the best path. In perspective, a short sentence, about 80% of the time the police were involved. Witnessing this had made an impact on my decision with joining the criminal justice program here at Butler Tech. My goal from this decision is to also be the one to break the cycle, to be the first to go to college. Middletown in general also has helped me conclude wanting to be apart law enforcement. There’s always something going down in Middletown and looking up to the officers every day, helping people like me and myself is something I’ve become passionate about. Looking into the future now, I see myself going through the stages of becoming a cop and doing something more with my life to help people, working my way up in the criminal justice system.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

Thinking back to the first day here, I took this as an opportunity to start over and start thinking seriously about my future. I wasn’t sure if this program would be the right fit for me but you never know until you try and thankfully I did because I’m certain. I feel ready for what these next two years are preparing me for, to help me. I’m certain these people have become my family already, my supporters who’s had my back. We’ll be with each other for the next two years so coming together and creating memories is going to be the best way to spend it and make life long friends.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

Coming into this program, I was frightened honestly. I was going through a rough patch at the time, now changing schools with people I didn’t know I was overthinking. What if I didn’t fit in? What if I came with to much baggage? The first day, I could feel my nerves eating me alive and I soon learned to love the company people of my class. I always say I’ve made closer friends here in 4 months than 2 years at Middletown. The supporting friendships you make, I’ve never been more content and excited for school than I have coming into Butler Tech.

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