JEE Foods

JEE Foods is a project created to reduce food waste, eliminate hunger, and to break the poverty cycle that has been allowed to grow in our region and in this country.
Tom O'Neill, Teacher

Empathy Interview

Students were tasked with the getting to know their neighbor through the empathy interview activity.
Katie Frankey, Teacher

The Things We Carry

To relate to the Vietnam War novel, The Things They Carried, students reflected inwards on the physical and intangible items they carry that shape their identity.
Lauren Berens, Teacher

Project Chaos

A collaborative thought experiment involving five area school districts brought together to solve a problem utilizing design thinking principles.

Live Burn

Students participate in a live burn scenario to get authentic experience in using the fire equipment and experiencing first hand the look and feel of a real structure fire.
Richard Hall, Teacher

Juliette’s Hope Makeover Runway Project

Women from a local home were given makeovers by our Cosmetology students to help them get back on their feet after recovering from addiction.
Claudia Hubbard, Teacher

Relationship Building

Teachers help students build important relationships during the first week of school.
Angie Stitzel, Teacher

Strategic Planning Made Fun

Leadership teams showcasing their plans for the upcoming school year to the community.

Marine Debris Removal Device

Student developed a simple device that can be remote controlled to gather debris in bodies of water.
Ken Kinch, Teacher

Adaptive Bicycle

Students built an adaptive bicycle for a child with Cerebral Palsy.
Ken Kinch, Teacher

Why Did This Happen To Me?

Students investigate possible diseases, conditions, or disorders that they could be at risk of developing in the future.
Matt Picel, Teacher

Finding Your Identity

Students were able to discover how who they are, what they stand for, their own prejudices, and their personal morals/beliefs impact their community.
Katie Frankey, Teacher

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