Project Description

  • My experiences with coding.
  • How I learned to code.
  • A brief summary of what coding is and what it can do.

Showcase Video

Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

  • How to creatively make a presentation
  • Interesting facts about coding
  • How coding has affected my daily life

For this showcase, I gave myself a challenge: no words on the slides, only pictures. I did this to see if, for one, it’s possible and also to make it more visually intriguing. I had a lot of fun working on the slides and looking at how everything around us (for the most part) runs on code. I had always known that there were a lot of different programming languages, but never knew the exact number. Finding out that there were thousands didn’t surprise me, but it was still cool never the less. Before this showcase, I had never really thought about how coding has affected me outside of knowing how to program a bit. Looking at how it’s affected my problem-solving abilities and creativity was really cool to learn about.

Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

Coding has always been something that’s been part of my life. I have four immediate family members that code for a living and my dad works in IT. Coding is something that has always seemed natural for me and fairly easy to understand. For me, coding is just an art form, not some confusing jargon that makes the world go around. Code has limitless potential and many jobs are starting to have their employees learn to code because it’s so important.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

One thing I would’ve done differently is that I wish I had added a few more words on the slides, without me presenting the PowerPoint, it’s hard to understand what the slides actual meaning is at times.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

One thing I’m most proud of about this showcase is that I completed the challenge I set for myself. I think it turned out amazingly and it really shows the viewer some interesting things about coding.

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