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Students in this building come from all walks of life and different buildings/schools and many of them don’t know each other at the beginning of the school year. Students were tasked with the getting to know their neighbor through the empathy interview activity. Once they understood how to interview someone, they then needed to create a magazine style cover page/interview, showcasing the peer they interviewed. The peer they showcased needed to approve the document before it was put on display in the building.


The goal of the empathy interview was to get students to create a trusting environment where they felt comfortable sharing vulnerable information with a peer and hold a safe container for the peer to express some of their own hard truths. Then, the students needed to show empathy in their creation of the document to showcase the person. They had to make sure it was approved, written, and perfected for the person, which took several rounds of collaboration and drafting their documents before printing the document. The ultimate goal of this particular interview was to get the students comfortable with interviewing someone else, creating a safe container, telling someone else’s story, and working through drafts with the person being showcased because the students will have to do this on a bigger scale for someone in their community at a later point in time.

"I was surprised at how deep the students went with each other so quickly. One thing I would do differently however, is that I would assign this activity once everyone had access to a laptop or computer. It was difficult to teach students how to create the magazine flyers until everyone had a computer."
— Katie Frankey, teacher
""The empathy interview activity was so much fun because we actually got to know our classmates better and we discovered a new friend because of things you had in common.""
— Morgan, student
""This project helped us work together and learn how to collaborate and use that skill in other projects/tasks.""
— Tyler, student

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