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Part of the objectives of the Firefighter I and II courses are live burn training. For the Firefighter I certification, firefighters must participate in vehicle fire and interior structure fire training. During the interior structure fire trainings, the students complete multiple evolutions where they are assigned to various task such as fire attack, search & rescue, Rapid Intervention team operations. The Firefighter II certification course requires the students to participate in flammable gas fire training, and interior structural firefighting.

The training is completed at the City of Fairfield Fire Department’s Training facility. This year is unique and we will be conducting a total of three live burn trainings. One burn for the junior students after the end of the school year and two burns for the seniors.

""Doing the live burn really made me want to go on and be a fire-fighter. It was life-changing!""
— Jerica B, student
""To be a firefighter takes teamwork and a lot of communication! [Experiencing the live burn] really bonded us a group!""
— Brogan B, student
""I was surprised by how hot it actually was! It made me realize how much I need to hurry inside and how much it affects exhaustion!""
— Charles S., student

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