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Project Description

Plastic within the ocean has increased in 5 fold over the past 10 years. Because the majority of waste in the ocean is plastic, marine life and those who rely on at risk of being effective negatively. Ingestion of this plastic can prove to be hazardous to marine life, crawl up the food chain, and eventually reach humans. With the reduction of plastics and waste within the ocean and other bodies of water, the quality of life for both marine animals and those on land will increase dramatically. This project focuses on the removal of plastic debris that pollute bodies of water such as ponds and lakes with the use of a remote controlled device.


The goal of this project is to provide a simple device that can be remote controlled to gather debris in bodies of water.

"The opportunity to design and create a device that could have a positive impact on wildlife is highly motivating while also a great output for creativity. The experience and knowledge gained with this project can be taken further to possibly create something amazing in the future."
— Rinoa M., student

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