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Our showcase is a Halloween themed music performance including multiple Halloween related songs.


Showcase Video

Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

Jacob: Organizing bands for a performance can be difficult. I actually enjoy recording individual songs. I enjoy playing “Season of the Witch” by Donovan more than I thought I would.

Gabby:  While preparing for this show I learned a few things. I learned that I have more anxiety when it comes to performing than I did last year. I need to learn how to play power chords for many songs. I need to put more time into practicing.

Darian: When I started playing the song (What’s New Scooby Doo) I thought it was going to be hard because it was some what fast. After playing it was really easy. For (The Season of the Witch) it was easy I just jammed out with them because it was an easy song. The band played and played for it to sound good (What’s New Scooby Doo). For (The Season of the Witch) we jut jammed out. With the (sotw) it was funky and I like jamming out to the song.

Ethan:  I prefer playing in a band with some classmates more than others. Some songs are easy and some are a bit more difficult. I like to use my own instruments rather than the school’s instruments.


  • How to play bass,
  • How to record things on ProTools
  • How to not look at my fingers while playing bass


  • I don’t like playing traditional rock songs.
  • I overplay sometimes because of frustration with poor/non-contextual performance from other people
  • Playing confidently improves the overall essence of the song

Steven:   Playing guitar in 12/8 is harder than it sounds. I was also less prepared than anyone else. I play better with the twins, Daniel, and Thomas

Brian: There are certain styles of blues that I don’t enjoy playing. Specifically, 12/8 shuffle.  I learned that I Don’t need a lot of time to rehearse songs in order for me to be able to play them.  Being the only person in the group who knew the song is a challenge.

Thomas: How to pace myself – Overcome learning challenges- How to work around my sisters schedule so I can practice at home.

Brandon:  I learned that some people were more prepared than others. I play radically different when I have an audience. Once I wrote a chart I didn’t need to look at it.


Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

Jacob:  I come from a family who has always encouraged my love for the arts, especially playing music. They’ve always encouraged me to put myself out there and show my talents. This showcase allows me to do that in a fun and exciting way.

Gabby:  Halloween is mine and my dad’s favorite holiday and it’s nice to have a chance to play songs for it.

Darian: When I am at school my family doesn’t know what I do there. This gives them a hint of what I do here at SOA. I we go out into public everyone would know at least a couple of the songs. For the couple of the songs people would really know and jam out to them.  Everyone likes Halloween so I we play a couple o those songs it would be great.

Ethan:  This project relates to my culture because there are songs from multiple different styles and genres. This shows the diversity of the school of the arts students and appreciation for multiple types of music.

Darcy:  The last song in the setlist is Dance Macabre by Ghost, which is a song my brother and I used to always listen to in the car when we drove home from school because it would be played on the radio. We’d always belt out the lyrics when it came on. When I saw it on the setlist, I got super excited.  I thought how fun it would be to get to perform it and then show it to him and say, “Look! That’s me! Playing our song!”

Daniel:  It relates to my background of not being able to perform the songs that interest me. I have to make sure the song doesn’t lose its’ essence while not enjoying the song at all.

Steven:  A lot of people like Halloween and this show fits very nicely to that theme with the songs that we chose.

Brian:  The Blues song we did, I Put a Spell On You, speaks to me personally because blues is the oldest African American art form.

Thomas: Starting learning all of the songs when the were announced so I could have had an advantage and helped others learn them.

Brandon:  This project doesn’t connect to my background at all, I’m not in the habit of connecting my personal life to my music.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

Jacob:  I would have practiced at home a bit more to be totally prepared for songs.

Gabby:  If I could have done something differently with this I would have put more time into practicing individually, so that it sounded better when I joined in with the band.

Darian: I wish I have done something more challenging. If I had a good voice I would definitely!

Ethan:  If I could do this over, I would try to play more than one instrument.

Darcy: I would have been more adamant about wanting to sing Dance Macabre. Getting to sing during rehearsals has been the highlight of this quarter for and I’m sad I can’t actually do it at performances.

Daniel:  Just get it over with and not procrastinate.

Steven:  Practice more on my own free time, because I was very unprepared in knowing the forms and chord changes for the songs that I’m on.

Brian:  I would’ve taken the time to learn my second song more thoroughly.

Thomas:  I would have started learning all of the songs when the were announced so I could have had an advantage and helped others learn them.

Brandon:  If I were to do this again I would make sure my bandmates are better prepared as we had struggles learning the songs early on.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

Jacob:  How well we show off our talents in school after months of lockdown from the pandemic.

Gabby: I’m proud that I was able to learn the chords I needed to play simply by being shown what they were, I didn’t have to look them up to confirm. I didn’t doubt myself as much.

Darian:  I have grown not to be shy and just be me and play and do my own thing. We just played and we stopped to talk about some things and then we played like pros. It easy for me to know where I am at so I won’t mess up my parts. My project was fun to do and I really enjoyed to do and be apart of the show.

Ethan:  I’m proud of myself for learning how to work with others, as difficult as it was with some people, I made it work.

Darcy:  I learned bass enough to play it and perform with it on a full song.

Daniel:  Learning the songs and not letting my ego get in the way.

Steven:  One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is that everyone can put aside their differences and just play some music. I personally had no connection with these songs but if I listened to them everyday then that would be a totally different way I would look at these songs.

Brian:  I really enjoyed being able to play with my friends again.

Thomas:   That I put my everything into it and I didn’t give up not once.

Brandon:  I’m proud of how far my bandmates and I have with these songs.

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