Project Description

This semester I had some students interested in making a Therapeutic Game for a young patient with hand mobility and dexterity issues. I invited Samantha Darner, occupational Therapist, and one of her students, Dewey Todd to our class. Samantha assists Dewey with hand mobility and dexterity issues. Dewey was able to try out one of the games created. Students sketched their work, built the game on CAD and made a physical prototype test model.

Materials:  Foam board, cardboard, modeling clay, magnets, paper, craft sticks, yarn, markers, computer access, engineering notebook, and (CAD).


Students are learning the Design Process. Students were able to pick from a variety of their own interest choices to design, build and test a solution for a real life problem or need. The students in this particular showcase project designed for a student suffering from hand mobility and dexterity issues. Their goal in a therapeutic game was to design it in such a way that while having fun interacting with the challenges the gamer would also benefit with increasing hand movement, strength and dexterity.

"This a wonderful project that totally engages the learners at all levels. I encourage other educators and myself to continue to challenge students to follow their interests and attempt to build solutions to real life problems that are relevant to their life and personal interests."
— Bill Poehner, teacher
"Students enjoyed the project and volunteered to work beyond class time when and if necessary. Their passion to impact students of need turned the project into a challenge beyond the traditional school project. This project instead became one which enabled them to make a difference in another student's life. A truly fantastic showcase experience!"
— Bill Poehner, teacher

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