Project Description

For my showcase project I made tow truck knobs for my friend’s tow truck using the CNC machine.

Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

The most interesting thing learned is that when you use the CNC that the finish is a lot better.
I want to dive into some of the CNC stuff more because the finish is a better look and makes the part look 100 times better.

Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

My culture helped me pick this Lab because I know in my demolition derby hobby I thought there may that a lot of things that I could make for it.
My best friend brought me this knob to make because they need matching sets for both sides of their tow truck. I took the knob he brought me and made a drawing of it and came up with a way to make it and produce them on the CNC machine.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

If I did this again, I would approach the process differently by getting everything together and have everything I need ready and I would know more about the CNC and how to run it. The part that taught me the most was writing the program to make the part on the CNC machine and how to set it up the machine.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

I struggled with writing the program because it was all new to me and I didn’t understand what some of the codes meant.  The next time I will give it more time and make it a little better.

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