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Project Description

Students were instructed to choose a disease/condition/disorder that they felt they were at risk of developing at some point in their lives. After analyzing risk factors and selecting a topic, students completed a series of small research based projects. The research covered causes, symptoms, prevention/treatments, financial costs, representations in media or culture, and the potential impact on everyday life. The showcase event included taking one of these smaller research projects and exploring the content in more depth.


The goal of the projects was to explore the potential impact of disease/disorder/or condition on the human body. In addition, each component of the project included a graphical display of information and students evaluated the effectiveness of various methods for displaying scientific data.

"The opportunity for students to choose their own topics and how they would ultimately display their information during the showcase brought a level of enthusiasm and engagement far above a normal class assignment. Controlling the direction of the research with several small projects helped focus the students and helped the instructor manage the project and track which students were working on pace. However, there was not enough time given for preparation for the showcase event itself. I suggest that students should be finished with their projects a week or two before the showcase event so that time can be given to practice and coach the actual presentation that students will give."
"I enjoyed getting to showcase my creativity in other classes aside from lab, and I am very very glad this is gonna be the new status quo for the future. Getting to showcase my passions was a blessing."
— Conner J., student
"I would want other students to know that they should choose something that they can be passionate about. Don’t just op out for the easiest thing because they’ll get bored with it. It’s a really great project and I enjoyed doing it."
— Rachel C., student
"I liked the different types of media that was presented. It allowed people to show their voice in their own little way. It gave us freedom to do what we wanted and weren’t forced to do a specific thing."
— Jessie E., student

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