Project Description

All graphic design students were required to take pictures for showcases and I decided to take mine while in black makeup and clothes and dramatic colored lighting

I was inspired by a Japanese metal band I enjoy listening to, to make the cover and then my photographer snapped a couple more pictures that I used for the rest of the pages

The idea for the dramatic lighting came from the spotlights you often see on stage; I love neon lights and brightly colored lighting that creates dramatic shadows

Content: The top 3 things I learned from this showcase were:

  • I learned that I need to be more confident in my work most importantly.
  • I also learned that reworking things is okay to do if you’re struggling and to take breaks when you need them. Working while you can barely think is less productive then allowing yourself some time for a break.
  • Lastly, I learned that having fun with your work is so important.

Culture: This project relates or connects to my family, background, peers, community or my own personal interests in these ways:

This project connects me with my interests better because I was so inspired by this band to do such a big project like this. It also shows everyone a different side of me.

Metacognition: In reflection, one thing that I would have done differently during my journey with this showcase is:

I would have planned out my picture taking better if I did this again. I was kind of crunching for time near the end because I forced myself to work so hard when putting together my rough sketch.

Social/Emotional: One thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is:

Once thing I am most proud of by completing this showcase is: just completing it in general was a big accomplishment for me

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