Shipping Container Project

Seventh-grade Green Architecture students designed a "livable space" for whatever they considered the "typical" American family using models of 4 or 5 shipping containers.
Lance Kinkaid, Teacher

Hamilton Remix Project

Students presented business proposals to members of the city of Hamilton's Economic Development Department.
Angie Stitzel, Teacher

Project LIFE Bern’s Bird Feeders

Project LIFE and Bern's Birds have collaborated to manufacture specialized woodpecker feeders that are starling and squirrel proof.
Jake Krause, Teacher

School of the Arts Jazz Show

Students learn, practice and perform various songs for 3 performances for the students and staff of Butler Tech as well as the community of their friends and family.
Cy Wood, Teacher


The Dental class partnered with the national advocacy group (Team SMILES) that partners oral health professionals with professional athletic organizations to provide life-changing dental care to under-served children in our communities

Therapeutic Game

Students designed a game for a young patient with hand mobility and dexterity issues
Bill Poehner, Teacher

Therapeutic Toy

Students designed a Therapeutic Toy for a young patient with hand mobility and dexterity issues.
Bill Poehner, Teacher

Pull Toy Design Challenge Project

Students used the engineering design process to design, build, and test a pull toy that employed at least three mechanisms with the goal of learning about and creating mechanical systems.
Ethan Hodge, Teacher

JEE Foods

JEE Foods is a project created to reduce food waste, eliminate hunger, and to break the poverty cycle that has been allowed to grow in our region and in this country.
Tom O'Neill, Teacher

Empathy Interview

Students were tasked with the getting to know their neighbor through the empathy interview activity.
Katie Frankey, Teacher

The Things We Carry

To relate to the Vietnam War novel, The Things They Carried, students reflected inwards on the physical and intangible items they carry that shape their identity.
Lauren Berens, Teacher

Project Chaos

A collaborative thought experiment involving five area school districts brought together to solve a problem utilizing design thinking principles.

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